COVID-19 Updates – Pfizer COVID 19 FDA Authorized Pill “Paxlovid” Explained, and an Update on Monoclonal Antibodies and the Omicron Variant.

MedCram COVID Update - Monoclonal Antibodies

  Professor Roger Seheult, MD of MedCram, examines Paxlovid, how it works, and its efficacy against severe disease and hospitalization. He also takes a look at monoclonal antibodies and how they interact with the Omicron variant and can assist with avoiding hospitalization and severe illness.    Pfizer COVID 19 FDA Authorized Pill “Paxlovid” Explained In…

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ECG Watch: How it Works (Apple, Samsung A fib Watches / EKG)

ECG Watch: How it Works

  Professor Roger Seheult, MD, of MedCram, breaks down the latest technology in ECG Watches, how they work, and how they can be used to detect atrial fibrillation.   ECG Watch: How it Works (Apple, Samsung A fib Watches / EKG) In this 140th update video, Roger Seheult, MD explains how atrial fibrillation can be…

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COVID-19 Updates – Vaccines vs. the Delta Variant, AZ Vaccine Updates, and Vaccines and Non-COVID Mortality

MedCram COVID Vaccine Update

  With SARS-CoV-2 infections on the rise again, Professor Roger Seheult, MD, breaks down the latest information on the Delta variant and how current vaccines are faring against the surge.    Coronavirus Vaccines vs. NON COVID-19 related deaths (New Data) In our 139th update, Dr. Seheult discusses lower non-COVID-related death rates in COVID-19 vaccine recipients,…

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COVID-19 Comorbidities, Vaccine Boosters, and Fluvoxamine – New Video Updates

MedCram: Dr. Seheult explains COVID-19 treatment pill

  In our most recent MedCram COVID-19 updates, Dr. Roger Seheult shares how multiple myeloma likely contributed to the COVID-related passing of Colin Powell, as well as the latest news on vaccine boosters and new research on a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), Fluvoxamine, in COVID-19 treatment.   Multiple Myeloma: How Comorbidities Can Impact Vaccine…

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Molnupiravir and Vaccine Boosters for COVID-19 – Two New MedCram Updates

  Two recent MedCram video updates cover the latest information on a potential COVID-19 treatment, Molnupiravir, as well as unfolding news on vaccine booster shots.    Merck COVID Pill (Molnupiravir): A New Treatment Option? In MedCram COVID-19 update 134 Dr. Seheult discusses Merck’s announcement of their antiviral pill for the treatment of mild to moderate SARS-CoV-2…

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COVID Vaccine Myths, Questions, and Rumors with Rhonda Patrick and Roger Seheult

Rhonda Patrick on MedCram - COVID Vaccines

  Did you see our latest deep-dive conversation with Rhonda Patrick, PhD? Dr. Patrick helps unpack research on COVID-19 vaccines, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and various rumors that have emerged throughout the pandemic.    Interview with Dr. Patrick and Dr. Seheult In this video, we gathered the most common questions, theories, and myths about COVID-19 vaccinations…

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