New Research on Sialic Acids, Inflammation, & COVID-19

  Professor Roger Seheult, MD dives into new research on Neu5Gc, a sialic acid molecule found in meat and dairy, which may contribute to inflammation and more severe COVID-19 symptoms.    Meat, Dairy, & Disease In this video update, MedCram Co-Founders, Dr. Seheult and Kyle Allred, PA, discuss the mechanisms of sialic acids, specifically the…

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COVID-19 Immunity With Professor Shane Crotty

Professor Shane Crotty and MedCram

  Shane Crotty, PhD is a renowned virologist and immunologist whose research on immunological memory published in the prestigious journal, Science, was cited in a recent heated discussion between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Senator Rand Paul. He returns to MedCram to answer and explore the complexities of questions surrounding natural immunity, vaccination, COVID-19, and more.…

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Children & COVID-19 — Interview with Dr. Daniel Griffin, MD, PhD

Children and COVID-19, Dr. Daniel Griffin on

  Throughout the pandemic, many medical professionals have relied on Dr. Daniel Griffin’s weekly “clinician updates” to better understand key updates that may impact guidance and treatment. Dr. Griffin has contributed extensively to the body of SARS-CoV-2 research and recently sounded the alarm that many dangerous misconceptions exist about children and COVID-19.    Dr. Griffin…

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COVID-19 & Pregnancy — Interview with Victoria Male, PhD

MedCram and Victoria Male, PhD on COVID-19 Vaccines & Pregnancy

  As an expert on reproductive immunology, Victoria Male, PhD is an ideal scientist to address concerns about COVID-19, pregnancy, and vaccines.    MedCram Co-Founder and Producer, Kyle Allred, interviewed Dr. Male, a Faculty of Medicine and Lecturer in Reproductive Immunology at Imperial College in London. In this video, Dr. Male discusses the general impacts…

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COVID-19 Video Updates 120-122 with Professor Seheult, MD

MedCram COVID-19 Updates with Professor Roger Seheult, MD

      In the recent additions to our Coronavirus Pandemic Updates Explained Clearly series, Professor Roger Seheult, MD discusses anticoagulants, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and research on pregnancy, COVID-19, and vaccines.   Coronavirus Update 120: Anticoagulants (Blood Thinners) Improve Hospital Outcomes (Full Dose) In update 120, Anticoagulants (Blood Thinners) Improve Hospital Outcomes (Full…

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Tips for Safe Travel Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic (Flying Safe)

MedCram's Kyle Allred on Safe Travel During COVID-19

    Travel is a significant aspect of many of our lives, but navigating the travel process safely and efficiently has perhaps never been more challenging. MedCram Co-Founder and Producer, Kyle Allred, answers some of the most important questions regarding safe travel during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.    In this video, Kyle shares a presentation…

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Mental Health and Wellness During a Pandemic

MedCram and Dr. Yellowlees on Mental Health and Wellness During a Pandemic

  Peter Yellowlees, MD is a Professor of Psychiatry, the Chief Wellness Officer at University of California, Davis Health, and an excellent resource for strategies to mitigate anxiety, depression, and social isolation in the midst of a pandemic.    Dr. Yellowlees and MedCram Co-Founder and Producer, Kyle Allred, spoke in an interview about navigating the…

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COVID-19 Q/A: Roger Seheult, MD & John Campbell, RN, PhD

Professor Seheult and Dr. Campbell talk about COVID-19

  Roger Seheult, MD and John Campbell, RN, PhD joined forces to answer your questions about COVID-19 prevention, treatment, future outcomes, and more.    In our recent Q & A, MedCram Co-Founder and Producer, Kyle Allred, moderated a hearty conversation with Dr. Campbell and MedCram’s own Professor Seheult. Between the two gentlemen, their YouTube updates…

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