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ECG / EKG Practice Case – New Video

  In our latest MedCram video, Dr. Seheult systematically interprets another ECG. Offering a sneak peek into MedCram’s ECG / EKG Interpretation Explained Clearly course, this new video provides clinicians and students an opportunity to practice and compare their own ECG reading method with Dr. Seheult’s.    Dr. Seheult’s ECG / EKG System In this…

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The New 2017 Hypertension Guidelines – Quick Summary

The hypertension guidelines have changed significantly. This is the first major hypertension guidelines overhaul since 2003.  I highlight what you need to know in this video: A comparison of the widely accepted JNC-7 guidelines (from 2003) to the new 2017 guidelines Guideline highlights including medication classes and diet/lifestyle recommendations. Link to 2017 Hypertension Guidelines Explained…

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The MedCram EKG / ECG Interpretation Course

  The EKG / ECG Interpretation Course is now available. Become competent in reading electrocardiograms with Dr. Seheult’s concise, step by step method. The course includes 40 short videos and quizzes to reinforce your understanding. Learn more about this course  Below is the transcript of the first ECG video of the course: “Welcome to EKGs…

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