Vitamin D Reduces Autoimmune Diseases: New Research

MedCram: Vitamin D and autoimmune diseases

Vitamin D Reduces Autoimmune Diseases: New Research In our latest update, Professor Roger Seheult, MD, discusses research on how vitamin D may reduce the risk of autoimmune disease. Dr. Seheult reviews a new study from the British Medical Journal (“VITAL”) that compares vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acid supplementation to placebo.  The study showed…

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Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Explained Clearly Transcript

Transcript: We’re gonna talk about diabetic ketoacidosis – DKA. DKA is a pretty significant illness that accounts for about 135.000 hospital admissions every year in the United States and it has an estimated cost of about 2.4 billion US dollars every year. So, a pretty sizeable chunk of cash is used to treat these patients…

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