COVID-19 Update 132: Innate Immunity, Interferon, and COVID-19 in Children

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    With SARS-CoV-2 infections on the rise again, Roger Seheult, MD examines the role of innate immunity and what we can learn from a child’s immune system.


    Innate Immunity, Interferon, and COVID-19 in Children

    In our 132nd COVID-19 update video, Dr. Seheult addressesthe question: why don’t kids go to the hospital as often as adults for COVID-19? He explains this new article published in Nature Biotechnology, which helps answer the question in terms of “pre-activated antiviral innate immunity in the upper airways,” more common in children than older adults. Dr. Seheult also discusses the importance of interferon, an important predictor in outcomes of COVID-19 infection, and how adults can potentially improve their interferon levels through practices described in MedCram COVID-19 updates 46 and 47, published over a year ago. 


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