COVID-19 Video Updates, 105-108

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    Our latest additions to the COVID-19 Explained Clearly video series includes updates on authorized treatment options, vaccine production progress, the influence of comorbidities, short Q/A sessions with Dr. Michael Mina, and much more. Each of these videos can be found at, in addition to series, lectures, and courses on a broad range of medical topics. 


    Current FDA Authorized Treatments; Vaccine Update

    In our 105th COVID-19 video update, Dr. Seheult walks through the toolbox of current treatments, including Remdesivir, Dexamethasone, and plasma, as well as the different testing options available. He explains implications of Remdesivir’s emergency-use authorization from the FDA, in addition to the survival benefit of Dexamethasone found in the RECOVERY trial in the UK. 

    Moreover, Dr. Seheult expresses the importance of diligence and observation when caring for patients in the intensive care unit, highlighting the MedCram Chem-7 Explained Clearly course as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals to gain a better understanding of care for patients in outpatient, inpatient, and intensive care unit settings. Lastly, Dr. Seheult provides updates on COVID-19 vaccine production and testing, as the company, AstraZeneca, has partnered with Oxford Medical School to research their novel adenovirus vaccine.


    Comorbidities and Excess Deaths; Bradykinin

    In the 106th COVID-19 update, Dr. Seheult addresses questions about COVID-19 deaths and comorbidities, after this CDC article stated that “for 6% of deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.” With the help of this explanatory piece from the State of Hawaii’s guidelines for certifying COVID-19 deaths, Dr. Seheult explains the differences between comorbidities and conditions, such as ARDS, pneumonia, sepsis, and cardiac arrest, that are often caused by severe COVID-19 infection

    Additionally, Dr. Seheult explains the bradykinin hypothesis of COVID-19, which used a computer to hone in on this possibility.  A bradykinin “storm” may contribute to swelling, water retention, and other symptoms. Dr. Seheult then explains this study, which found statistically significant survival benefits of vitamin D (in the form of calcifediol) supplementation. 


    Monoclonal Antibodies for COVID-19 Treatment and Prevention?

    In our 107th COVID-19 video update, Dr. Seheult gives updates on the 14-day mandatory quarantine when traveling to Hawaii, in addition to an uptick of cases in Utah. He continues by sharing news on trials of monoclonal antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 infection prevention. Dr. Seheult explains how monoclonal antibodies from the plasma of former COVID-19 patients could aid in the recovery of current COVID-19 patients. Further studies are needed to test the efficacy of this procedure, but this press release from Eli Lilly and Company shares preliminary statistics on using such monoclonal antibodies in the COVID-19 outpatient setting. 


    High Risk Behaviors; Cases Rise in Europe

    In our 108th coronavirus update, Dr. Seheult begins by sharing information on COVID-19 case numbers around the world, highlighting an accelerating number of cases in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and other European countries. Next, Dr. Seheult explains the concept of exponential growth and how this relates to the spread (and possible future growth) of COVID-19 cases. Moreover, Dr. Seheult revisits some of his previous ideas — adequate sleep, supplementing with vitamin D, minimizing stress — for helping minimize oxidative stress and boost the immune system to help ward off viral infections. Lastly, Dr. Seheult walks through this report from the CDC, which gives information on specific community and close contact behaviors associated with COVID-19 diagnosis – including dining in restaurants.


    Stay Tuned for More COVID-19 Updates 

    Our COVID-19 videos are always available and free (and ad-free) at In addition, check out our full library of courses and lectures on subjects ranging from Cell Cycle & Signaling to Cardiology Explained Clearly and many more!

    Meanwhile, here’s a list of all the COVID-19 resources we’ve shared so far:

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