COVID-19 Video Updates, 87-89

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    Our coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic continues with three new videos added to our ongoing Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Updates Explained Clearly lecture series. These videos dive into current research on dexamethasone, a corticosteroid shown to improve outcomes in patients receiving respiratory support. Check out the details on dexamethasone, COVID-19, and more at!


    More on Dexamethasone; Do COVID-19 Antibodies Last?

    In our 87th COVID-19 video update, Dr. Seheult talks about the newest addition to the COVID-19 treatment protocol: dexamethasone. He references this New England Journal of Medicine blog article from Dr. Paul Sax, who expresses concern over the slowness with which medical practice is responding to the initial results supporting the use of dexamethasone from a publicly-funded, randomized controlled trial. The current treatment protocol — including the latest on dexamethasone — is described here

    Moreover, Dr. Seheult explains this JAMA study, which found that prone positioning improved oxygenation in awake, nonintubated COVID-19 patients experiencing hypoxemic respiratory failure.


    Dexamethasone History & Mortality Benefit Data Released From UK Trial

    In our 88th pandemic update, Dr. Seheult explains the mixed research on corticosteroid COVID-19 treatments. He references various studies, including this Lancet article on treatments for SARS-CoV-1 and MERS-CoV, an April 2020 review of steroid treatment for COVID-19-related pneumonia, and this non-peer-reviewed MedRxiv article on short-course corticosteroids. The latest peer-reviewed, randomized controlled trial research — discussed in this Nature article and released as a preliminary report by MedRxiv — found a statistically significant reduction in mortality for COVID-19 patients treated with dexamethasone who were receiving non-invasive oxygen or mechanical ventilation. The research did not demonstrate any benefit for dexamethasone treatment for less severe COVID-19 patients (patients not receiving respiratory support).


    Infection Rate Rising in Many States; Dexamethasone Cautions

    In our 89th COVID-19 video lecture, Dr. Seheult looks at infection rates, which are rising in many states such as California, Idaho, and Texas. On the positive side, daily deaths in the U.S. continue to decrease. 

    Continuing the conversation on dexamethasone, the WHO strongly warns against the unsupervised use of such steroids as prevention for COVID-19, which can lead to dangerous side effects. Interestingly, dexamethasone appears to enhance vitamin D receptor transmission, which, as Dr. Seheult points out, brings us back to earlier lectures on the importance of vitamin D in boosting immunity against COVID-19. 


    Stay Tuned for More COVID-19 Updates 

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    Meanwhile, here’s a list of all the COVID-19 resources we’ve shared so far:

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