COVID-19 Video Updates, 95-97

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    This week, Dr. Seheult brings the COVID-19 conversation back to thrombosis, vaccine progress, vitamin D, and more. Check out our three latest videos and the entire COVID-19 Pandemic Updates Explained Clearly lecture series at


    Widespread Thrombosis on Autopsy; Prognostic Factors

    In our 95th COVID-19 update video, Dr. Seheult returns from a break to talk about updated COVID-19 numbers in the United States and how hospitals are dealing with the increased need for ICU beds. In addition, he discusses this Lancet review of seven COVID-19 patient autopsies, which revealed thrombosis as “a prominent feature in multiple organs.” Dr. Seheult explains these findings in depth, focusing on the role of megakaryocytes, leading into the discussion of this observational study on the variables that determine the likelihood of survival. In their analyses, the researchers concluded that varying levels of creatinine, D-dimer, lactate, and potassium; the presence of ischemic heart disease; and P/F ratios can help predict survival for severely ill COVID-19 patients. 


    RNA Vaccine; Ivermectin; von Willebrand Factor & COVID-19

    In our 96th coronavirus pandemic update, Dr. Seheult continues the conversation on thrombosis, revisiting the role of von Willebrand’s factor in COVID-19-related blood clots via these studies: Medical Xpress, Thrombosis Research, and MDedge. Dr. Seheult then shifts gears to discuss ivermectin, which is an off-patent medication that has been in use for a long time. This article in Nature offers a comprehensive review of ivermectin’s antiviral uses and potential efficacy in treating COVID-19. 

    In other news, the first data for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine was released in this New England Journal of Medicine preliminary report. The report looks at various dosage sizes, frequency, anti-SARS-CoV-2 immune responses, and adverse side effects. Research on this vaccine is slated to enter phase 3 trials at the end of July.  


    Vitamin D & COVID-19 Immunity, The Endothelium, & Deficiencies

    In our 97th COVID-19 update, Dr. Seheult begins by sharing a comprehensive review article on vitamin D and general health, innate immunity, and endothelium stability. Moreover, he cites this study, which suggests that higher blood levels of vitamin D are associated with decreased risk of all-cause, cardiovascular-related, and cancer-related mortality. Suggested in the former article, vitamin D may also increase endothelial production of nitric oxide, the importance of which Dr. Seheult talked about in our 94th COVID-19 update on inhaled corticosteroids. All in all, this article provides a review of various interconnected research findings that support the benefits of vitamin D in combating acute respiratory tract infections, like COVID-19.


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