COVID Vaccine Myths, Questions, and Rumors with Rhonda Patrick and Roger Seheult

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    Did you see our latest deep-dive conversation with Rhonda Patrick, PhD? Dr. Patrick helps unpack research on COVID-19 vaccines, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and various rumors that have emerged throughout the pandemic. 


    Interview with Dr. Patrick and Dr. Seheult

    In this video, we gathered the most common questions, theories, and myths about COVID-19 vaccinations and addressed them one by one with the best available research. Here’s a summary of the topics covered by Dr. Seheult and Dr. Patrick:


    • 00:01:20 – Should young and healthy get vaccinated?
    • 00:06:47 – Risk of myocarditis
    • 00:10:40 – Long-haul COVID
    • 00:19:58 – Is spike protein from vaccines dangerous?
    • 00:35:39 – COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
    • 01:01:17 – Antibody dependent enhancement?
    • 01:09:16 – Do COVID vaccines damage fertility?
    • 01:14:13 – Will mRNA vaccines alter DNA?
    • 01:22:32 – Are alternatives like ivermectin as effective as the vaccine?
    • 01:42:02 – Do vaccines prevent Delta transmission?
    • 01:56:04 – Will the virus become more deadly due to vaccines?
    • 02:05:07 – T-cell immunity
    • 02:08:34 – Long term side effects / were vaccines rushed?


    Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a cell biologist and co-founder of the podcast, Found My Fitness, where she specializes in the latest research on nutrition, aging, and disease prevention. Dr. Patrick has authored numerous research publications – appearing in Science, Nature Cell Biology, and more.


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    1. david on November 15, 2021 at 12:53 pm

      nice summary of a lot of stuff floating around out there .I was relieved to hear that the Mnra cant crack the Nucleus of the cell since it wasnt given the tools to do so. Then I listened to this fellow suggest there is a study in Sweden that may suggest that the spike protein is cracking thru the nucleus, which I assume wouldn’t be good. Can you comment on this at all ? Thx

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