Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) / Chem 7 Results Explained Clearly – New MedCram Series Coming Soon!


Coming soon, MedCram is bringing you a new series on interpreting the results of the Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP), also known as the Chem 7. 


Intro to the Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) / Chem 7 Results Course

The BMP/Chem 7 is one of the most commonly ordered medical lab tests. BMP results may appear deceptively simple, and many clinicians do not tap into the full and powerful potential of the results. The intro video, here, offers a quick background and preview of what you can expect from this course that will be released soon.


Where to Find the Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) / Chem 7 Course on

The full series, Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) / Chem 7 Explained Clearly, will cover each of the seven blood constituents tested: positive charges (sodium and potassium), negative charges (chloride and bicarbonate), kidney function indicators (BUN and creatinine), and glucose.

A clear understanding of BMP results is critical for any clinician. This new series will be available soon on our course page, Happy learning!

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