ECG / EKG Practice Case – New Video


In our latest MedCram video, Dr. Seheult systematically interprets another ECG. Offering a sneak peek into MedCram’s ECG / EKG Interpretation Explained Clearly course, this new video provides clinicians and students an opportunity to practice and compare their own ECG reading method with Dr. Seheult’s. 


Dr. Seheult’s ECG / EKG System

In this video, Dr. Seheult walks you through the “system” he uses to read ECGs / EKGs. The full system – explained here – provides a clinical perspective on how to read an ECG / EKG and critical insight into electrocardiogram nuances, scenarios, and rare findings.


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We understand that fully grasping the ECG / EKG “axis” can be tricky. Although it’s only reviewed briefly in this video, this concept is covered with much more clarity in the extended ECG / EKG Interpretation Explained Clearly video series. Check it out for the full picture and digestible steps towards ECG mastery!

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