Vaping Associated Lung Illness Outbreak – UPDATE


As media coverage continues on the recent outbreak of lung failure and illness related to vaping and e-cigarettes, it’s a good time for a MedCram update. 


The Backstory 

About a week ago, we posted a couple videos on lung failure, illness, and disease outbreak and diagnosis and treatment, and we received a lot of comments (thank you!). Research on these cases is limited and includes an article referenced in the first video from the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). In the updated video above, another article released in NEJM, on the pathology of vaping associated injury and other new information, may bring more clarity to the recurring questions and potential causes brought up in our comments section. 


Latest Updates

Check out our latest updates and interpretations of the data in the video above. 

As always, let’s keep the conversation going. MedCram is here to continue bringing you the latest information as the story surrounding vaping and e-cigarette associated lung injury unfolds.

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