MedCram helps out Cambodia with Alliance for International Medicine

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    MedCram partnership with Alliance for International Medicine

    MedCram has partnered with Alliance for International Medicine (AIM) to provide training in lung ultrasound to Cambodian physicians using MedCram’s ultrasound series done by Dr. Joshua Jacquet.  They are working in conjunction with Steven Rhondeau MD, an adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Utah Center for Global Surgery. The program has taken 1-3 physicians at each of the ten regional hospitals in Cambodia to be point persons in taking this program on. Physicians in Cambodia will be able to enroll in the training course. It is anticipated that over 100 physicians will be participating in this. 

    Ultrasound Courses

    Subsequently, additional videos will be released including MedCram’s FAST ultrasound video series and later the cardiac ECHO series. Team visits will be conducted at the Cambodian hospitals at the beginning of next year and will include a two-day teaching conference. Team members from Alliance for International Medicine will be assigned in pairs to each of the ten hospitals to conduct ultrasound training for one week at the bedside with Cambodian physicians.  Members of the AIM Board of Advisors are also developing a certification process to assure the quality of the training provided and the Cambodian physician’s diagnostic capabilities.

    Ventilator Management in Cambodia

    During the pandemic, Cambodia received hundreds of new ventilators but unfortunately, there was little understanding of ventilator management beyond simply ventilator settings which were not changed during a patient’s hospitalization. Alliance for International Medicine will be using MedCram’s, “Mechanical Ventilation Made Easy” video as part of a training course in mechanical ventilation. 

    There are exciting things happening in the world. If you would like more information on the Alliance for International Medicine and its programs, please visit their website.  

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