Further Updates on Coronavirus – Videos 9 & 10 available now!


We’ve got more updates on the coronavirus outbreak: two new videos, covering Fecal-Oral Transmission & Recovery vs. Death Rate and New Studies, Transmission, Spread from Wuhan, & Prevention (NoCv 2019). For a great resource to monitor daily updates on global coronavirus statistics, we suggest this dashboard provided by Johns Hopkins


Incubation Period of the Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) & “Recovered” Criteria

Dr. Seheult references this Lancet article, which reveals an average incubation period of 5.2 days for the 41 patients from the Wuhan area who were admitted to a hospital. Importantly, 95% of these patients had an incubation period within 13 days, which provides support for the 14-day isolation period in place for U.S. citizens returning from the Wuhan area. Dr. Seheult explores this timeline and more in our ninth update video, available on the MedCram website and MedCram YouTube channel.

We also talk about what the criteria is for those patients counted as “recovered” from coronavirus. In China, there is some consensus about the recovered criteria, including 10 days without a fever, improvements in chest x-rays and no virus detected in the upper respiratory tract. 


Coronavirus Spread & the Basic Reproduction Number 

Our tenth video update, Dr. Seheult walks through several of the latest updates, starting with this paper that examined the Basic Reproduction Number (R0) of coronavirus. He then dives into recent confirmed cases in California, the second death outside of China, concerns over receiving items and mail from China, evacuations, and potential for the novel coronavirus to impact the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Interestingly, Pakistan bucked the international trend and resumed incoming flights from China. 


Fecal-Oral Transmission of Coronavirus & Best Prevention

Regarding the case of novel coronavirus in Washington, the patient recently tested positive for coronavirus in his feces. This brings back reminders of the 2002 SARS outbreak, when many people were infected via fecal-oral transmission from just one infected person. Until we have more information about the spread of this novel coronavirus, Dr. Seheult recommends avoiding public restrooms when possible, washing hands for at least 20 seconds, using disposable towels to touch surfaces in public bathrooms, carrying hand sanitizer, and teaching children and others to follow these same procedures. 


Other Journal Articles on Coronavirus

Another paper from The Lancet looked at what’s called the MuLBSTA Score, which provides a strong predictor of death from viral pneumonias, including coronavirus. 

Moreover, a (now removed) paper stirred up some controversy by connecting HIV and coronavirus. This paper – which was not peer-reviewed and came with a clear disclaimer – has since been removed from its source, and serves as a reminder to be wary of information coming from “less than scientific” data.


Coronavirus Video Recap & Staying Informed

Keep following along for more videos. Here’s a recap of what we’ve released so far:

  1. Coronavirus Outbreak, Transmission, and Pathophysiology
  2. Coronavirus Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
  3. Coronavirus Update 3: Spread, Quarantine, Projections, and Vaccine
  4. How Coronavirus Kills: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) & Treatment
  5. Coronavirus Epidemic Update 5: Mortality Rate vs SARS / Influenza
  6. Coronavirus Outbreak Update 6: Asymptomatic Transmission & Incubation Period
  7. Coronavirus Epidemic Update 7: Global Health Emergency Declared, Viral Shedding
  8. Coronavirus Outbreak Update 8: Travel Ban, Spread Outside of China, Quarantine, & MRSA
  9. Coronavirus Epidemic Update 9: Fecal-Oral Transmission, Recovery vs Death Rate
  10. Coronavirus Epidemic Update 10: New Studies, Transmission, Spread from Wuhan, Prevention (nocv 2019)

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