COVID-19 Pandemic Video Updates Continued


As the United States continues to be the current global epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve released several new videos to keep you informed about the latest research and treatment trials. Check out the videos embedded above, on our YouTube channel, or at for the most recent updates.


Dip in Daily New Deaths; Research on Natural Killer Cells & COVID-19

In our 50th coronavirus pandemic update video, Dr. Seheult hones in on natural killer cells and our innate immune systems. He highlights this article, which talks about a COVID-19 immunotherapy trial in Seattle, which aims to devise a treatment plan for patients who are hospitalized, but not yet sick enough to be put on a ventilator. The doctor leading this research, Dr. Corey Casper, speaks about this window of time as a “critical moment… where we [medical professionals] think we can make the most impact.”


State by State Projections; Ultrasound to Diagnose COVID-19 Pneumonia

In our 51st COVID-19 update video, Dr. Seheult introduces this projection model created by the University of Washington, which aims to predict the peak resource usage, and hospital bed, ICU bed, and ventilator numbers in each country and U.S. state.

Dr. Seheult is also joined by Dr. Joshua Jacquet, a fellow MedCram instructor and ultrasound expert. They talk about methods for imaging patients’ lungs — and the problems with CT scans during a pandemic. Not only does a lung ultrasound rival a CT scan for diagnostic accuracy, it has many advantages: no radiation, quick to perform, lower cost, and easier to disinfect. Some ultrasound probes can connect with a smartphone or tablet.  

Find the full Lung Ultrasound in COVID-19 Explained Clearly video embedded above, or find it here on our course webpage.


Ivermectin Treatment; Does COVID-19 Attack Hemoglobin?

The 52nd MedCram COVID-19 update video highlights Ivermectin, an already-FDA-approved medicine typically used for parasites. Dr. Seheult dives into the molecular biology of Ivermectin function and its broad-spectrum antiviral activity shown in in vitro research, citing this peer-reviewed article.

In addition, Dr. Seheult addresses the speculation that SARS-CoV-2 somehow prevents hemoglobin from binding oxygen. He demonstrates how oxygen travels from the alveoli to plasma and red blood cells, and discusses the theories described in this article.


Anticoagulation; Can Mechanical Ventilation Make COVID-19 Worse?

In our 53rd COVID-19 pandemic update video, Dr. Seheult talks about mechanical ventilation questions that have been raised by physicians treating COVID-19 patients in Italy and New York. He references this letter, written by Italy’s Dr. Gattinoni, who describes two different “phenotypes” that he’s seeing with COVID-19 lung infections: Type L, characterized by low elastance, low ventilation-to-perfusion ratio, low lung weight, and low recruitability, and Type H, characterized by high elastance, high right-to-left shunt, high lung weight, and high recruitability. 

Moreover, Dr. Seheult discusses comparisons of the effects of COVID-19 to high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE), as well as the risks of embolism and anticoagulation.


More Videos and COVID-19 Information Coming Soon!

Please continue following along at and on our YouTube channel for the latest updates and COVID-19 information. In the meantime, here’s a list of all the resources we’ve shared so far:

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  43. Coronavirus Pandemic Update 40: Ibuprofen and COVID-19 (are NSAIDs safe?), Trials of HIV medications
  44. Coronavirus Pandemic Update 41: Shelter In Place, FDA Investigates Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19
  45. COVID-19 Ventilator Course: Learn or Review Mechanical Ventilation (Free at
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  53. Coronavirus Pandemic Update 49: New Data on COVID-19 vs Other Viral Infections (Ventilator Outcomes)
  54. Coronavirus Pandemic Update 50: Dip in Daily New Deaths; Research on Natural Killer Cells & COVID-19
  55. Coronavirus Pandemic Update 51: State by State Projections; Ultrasound to Diagnose COVID19 Pneumonia
  56. Lung Ultrasound in COVID 19: Findings, Accuracy, Pneumonia Diagnosis, Utility (POCUS)
  57. Coronavirus Pandemic Update 52: Ivermectin Treatment; Does COVID-19 Attack Hemoglobin?
  58. Coronavirus Pandemic Update 53: Anticoagulation; Can Mechanical Ventilation Make COVID 19 Worse?

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