COVID-19 Updates – Why do some people get repeated infections: The Why and What You Can Do

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    In this 161st update video, Roger Seheult, MD of MedCram discusses an update on Covid-19 and the innate immune system.  Overall, the numbers of Covid-19 have declined but there is a new and what appears to be a more infectious subvariant of Omicron named BA2.12.1. It appears to be on the rise in the U.S.

    Eric Topol, MD comments

    Eric Topol, MD, the head researcher and professor of molecular biology at Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California was in the news recently and stated there is a strong possibility that there may be another surge in new Covid-19 cases in the upcoming fall and winter months.  He remarked when asked why some individuals get repeated or more severe infections, that the interferon part of the innate immune pathway may be altered in those individuals making them more susceptible to infections.

    Innate Immune System

    MedCram has previously discussed the innate immune system. Dr. Seheult discusses what individuals can do now to prepare for another potential surge. He recommends reviewing MedCram videos #46  and #47.  These videos discuss how hydrotherapy and raising the core body temperature may help with the innate immune system.  He also discusses why children may be less likely to be hospitalized with infections in MedCram video #132.  He reflects that the innate immune system is critical in suppressing and getting rid of viral infections. Sars-CoV-2 may be successful because it suppresses the innate immune system. 

    Boosting the Innate Immune System

    What can we do to boost or enhance our innate immune system? Well, Dr. Seheult reviews the swiss cheese model. The more slices (or defenses) you have, the better fortified you will be against viral infections. No single slice or intervention is 100%. It is the combination of all of the slices that give you the best protection all around.  He adds to the model shown in the video to also include increasing core body temperature with hydrotherapy or saunas, not treating fevers less than 102 degrees Fahrenheit, boosting vitamin D levels, getting fresh air, and sunshine, and getting adequate sleep.  He emphasizes that these treatments should not be done in lieu of but in conjunction with other traditional treatments. 



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