COVID-19 Video Updates, 109-111

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    Our most recent videos in the COVID-19 Explained Clearly series provide updates on daily new infections and deaths in Europe, President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment, the role of interferon, mask usage, and new data on vitamin D and n-acetylcysteine (NAC) supplementation. Check out these videos — plus more on COVID-19 and a variety of medical topics — at


    New Data From Europe As COVID-19 Infections Rise

    In our 109th COVID-19 update, Dr. Seheult talks about numbers — daily new cases and daily new deaths — for the United States and countries in Europe. In Europe, daily new infections are rising, whereas daily new deaths appear relatively stable. Diving deeper into these figures, Dr. Seheult explains that, for many of these European countries, younger people — who are more likely to be going out and spreading COVID-19 — are likely making up a larger proportion of the daily new cases. Yet, because of their age and relative health, they are faring better and resulting in fewer daily new deaths.


    Trump’s Risk Factors and COVID-19 Prognosis; Interferon

    In our 110th coronavirus pandemic update, Dr. Seheult shares information on and potential implications of President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis. Dr. Seheult also uses the information available from President Trump’s symptom progression, daily supplement regimen, and COVID-19 treatment plan as a case study, examining many of the topics, treatments, and research we’ve been discussing over the course of the pandemic. 

    Dr. Seheult focuses on the role of immune system response, highlighting two papers from Science — regarding gene mutations and rogue antibodies — that may impact the body’s interferon response to COVID-19. The implication in this research is that the absence of interferon may be deleterious to the immune response necessary to prevent severe effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Lastly, this paper from 1988, provides evidence that hyperthermia (much like the sauna treatments and thermal regulation discussed in update 46) may cause a beneficial increase in interferon levels. 


    Masks; New Vitamin D Data; NAC

    Our 111th COVID-19 update video brings information on mask usage via this study that compared “effect of face masks on gas exchange in healthy persons and patients with COPD.” This study concludes that safety concerns over mask usage exacerbating preexisting chronic lung conditions are unsubstantiated, supporting the enforcement of mask wearing in community settings. 

    Switching gears, Dr. Seheult cites this study from PLOS ONE, which maps an inverse association between 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels and SARS-CoV-2 positive diagnosis rate. Importantly, this retrospective analysis shows that regardless of age, geographical region, gender, and ethnicity, higher vitamin D levels are across the board associated with lower SARS-CoV-2 infection rates. 

    Finally, Dr. Seheult walks through this study on high-dose NAC (n-acetylcysteine) administration in COVID-19 patients with the goal of preventing ICU admission, mechanical ventilation, and morbidity. Despite a slight decrease in the likelihood of these negative outcomes for patients who received NAC, these numbers did not achieve statistical significance. These results, however, raise the question of whether or not NAC supplementation may be more effective earlier on in the disease progression of COVID-19. 


    Stay Tuned for More COVID-19 Updates 

    All of our COVID-19 videos are always available and free (and ad-free) at In addition, check out our full library of courses and lectures on subjects ranging from CBC Results to COPD Explained Clearly and many more!

    Meanwhile, here’s a list of all the COVID-19 resources we’ve shared so far:


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      Hey Dr. Seheult,
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      I’ve been saying that the ionophores should be taken very very early in COVID if they are to have any real effect.
      This article seems to bear that out.
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